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Why should we buy web hosting? This question might arise in your mind when you are researching ways to build a web intended for online businesses. Web hosting is a container that stores all kinds of data and documents that make up a web page that can be accessed at any time as long as the web page is open to the public. To hold website users who open the page, a computer system with a higher specification is needed compared to a desktop computer to ensure the website can be opened smoothly. The computer system is what is called web hosting.

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In addition to the so-called web hosting or storage of data. This website page is also often referred to as web space. Because web hosting providers rent space for client websites to store data from their website, and are calculated in megabytes. Just like when you store data on a memory card, hard drive, or USB flashdisk, and other data storage media. Free web hosting only provides a small storage area and many other restrictions. So why should you buy web hosting ? Because if you want to have a professional website and minimal downtime, the choice of paid web hosting packages is the right choice.

The advantage of having your own hosting for the website

For those of you who want to have a website with a more effective and professional appearance, content and layout designs are better quality both visually and user-experience, and can be a means to get income from the internet, buying hosting is a good first step.

This is a reason that must be considered why you should buy web hosting instead of using the free one.

1. Control your own website

If you use free hosting provided by a platform such as Blogger or Tumblr, you must agree and comply with the terms and conditions that apply. In other words, if a violation occurs, the authority of the platform has the right to close the site. The risk is that you can lose the audience and also the SEO progress that you have made to optimize the site you have.

2. Can apply your own branding image

Hosting that is accessed for free does not give you many choices for fiddling with the design of the site page and most of the available theme choices are more present the branding of the platform you are using. This can be detrimental if you use the site to sell products both goods and services. Consumers are more confident about products that are sold with more professional branding compared to products sold on free sites.

3. Better security

Why should you buy web hosting? Because the security features that can be added to your site are more complete than just relying on security features from free hosting. You certainly don’t want the website to be inserted by viruses or malware that can harm your data and also the data of the audience that enters your site. Therefore installing a security shield with a plug-in that has a security function is very important to keep your website from hacker attacks.

4. More exclusive domain names

Another important reason is because by buying hosting you can use a more exclusive domain name. For example, if you use free hosting, the name of your site will be like this.wordpress.com, whereas if you have your own hosting, the name of your site can be like.com, there are no frills from the platform or CMS used. More exclusive site names are also considered by the audience to measure your credibility as an expert or entrepreneur.

The types of web hosting that you can choose according to your needs (and budget) Jago Web Hosting is the best hosting provider that gives you a more varied choice of hosting types with more specific specifications as needed. We have a Micro hosting with a cost of only IDR 10,000 / month to Power hosting at a cost of IDR 150,000 / month with features that are more suitable for professional sites. Jago Web Hosting also has hosting options for personal, corporate, and online stores with different host capacity requirements.

After knowing why you should buy web hosting, here are the types of hosting that are generally provided by hosting providers with their respective functions.

1. Shared Hosting

As the name implies, shared hosting is a server storage space inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of different sites. This type of hosting is the cheapest type and is usually preferred for those who are beginners because they do not need much technical expertise.

2. Cloud Hosting

The term cloud refers to a network of interconnected servers so you have far more storage space than shared hosting. Using cloud hosting is more appropriate for sites that have high traffic levels so that the burden can be borne by several servers. Usually cloud hosting is used by sites that have a global audience.

3. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a web host where the private server is divided into individual servers, each of which has more resources and gives more control to the web owner. Almost the same as shared hosting, but the number of sites that occupy one server is not as much as shared hosting. Suitable for website owners who want to have more control over their sites but don’t want to spend a larger budget for dedicated hosting.

4. Dedicated Hosting

And the last type of hosting is Dedicated Hosting where your site will occupy a server whose occupants are only your own site. Thus your access to using server resources is higher and can provide a much better performance on the site including minimal crashes when there is a surge of traffic.

It’s clear why not have to buy web hosting? Your site will get a more professional impression and better performance to accommodate the number of visitors who need information from your website or buy products from your site. Websites that are often down and difficult to access will give a negative impression in the eyes of the audience where internet users now have website expectations that can be opened in less than 5 seconds.

Web Hosting Services provide the type of web hosting that can suit your needs. Our most popular products today are  large Hosting Packages that have a capacity of 1 GB SSD Disk, free domains, free SSL HTTPS, and also a free web builder to make it easy for you to build sites with designs and features that match the message of branding. You can get all these benefits for only Rp. 45,000 / month only. In addition to Large Hosting, Web Services certainly also have a choice of other types of hosting products with a minimum contract of one year! With Web Hosting Services you don’t need to doubt why you should buy web hosting!

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