Best Webhotel in Denmark

The best web hotel

If you want the best web hosting in Denmark, it is ScanNet you need to contact. We offer four different web hosting solutions, because we know that there is a difference between the needs of small and large companies. You can of course also buy your domain from us – one of Denmark’s largest domain name providers with more than 60,000 domains registered.

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Certified IT hosting

There are countless cheap web hosting providers. But when you want the best, the cheapest soul is good enough. Since 2013 ScanNet has been awarded the Hosting Mark from the Cloud Certificate, the Industry Association for IT Hosting Companies in Denmark. This means that ScanNet is reviewed and evaluated each year in relation to stringent requirements imposed by BFIH. It is your assurance that your hosting is in safe hands with us.

Mini WebHotel

ScanNet’s Mini WebHotel is aimed at smaller companies that want to be made visible on the Internet. A Mini WebHotel includes 3 professional email accounts with POP3 and IMAP access and web access.

Standard WebHotel

Our Standard WebHotel is an extended version of the Mini web hotel. It has the same content – just more of it all. More server space, up to 10 e-mail accounts and then with our Standard WebHotel you also get both FrontPage Extensions and your own CGI library.

You also get access to ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL. Of course you also get access to MySQL and PHP. All of our PHP web hosting services are run on the latest versions of Debian. 

Pro WebHotel

Our Pro WebHotel basically contains the same as our Standard WebHotel, but with a Pro WebHotel from ScanNet, you get even more space and 15 email accounts. 

Complete WebHotel

ScanNet’s complete web hotel is our largest hotel solution. Here you get maximum space, both for your site and for your database. Your mailbox is also upgraded to contain a total of 20 email accounts. 

Regardless of which web hotel you choose, both the website, database and mailboxes are protected by virus and spam filters, and you are therefore well protected when you choose to have a website and e-mail with ScanNet.

What is a Domain?

What is a Domain?

A domain name is the address your website has. It is often called a domain, but some refer to it as a domain. Typically, the company’s web domain is directly related to the company name, or the products and services offered. As the competition on the web grows bigger and bigger, it is also harder to get hold of the good names. Therefore, it is also extremely important that you make sure to buy the domain or domains that you expect to use in the company.

Choose the right domain provider

If you choose to buy your web domains at A / S ScanNet, then you are sure of a good service, and we are happy to help with impartial advice so that you choose the right domains from the start. By the way, your domain name is usually clear no later than the day after, so you can get started right away. By purchasing a DNS hotel you get control of the administration of your domain yourself.

Check if your desired domains are available

At ScanNet you can buy virtually all types of domains, and you can instantly test whether it is available. Use the domain tester below, and you will get answers within seconds. Once you have found it or the desired domains, you can order them online, and we will do the rest. You are of course also welcome to contact us for personal service if you have questions about or want to buy a product.


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