Who should host my shop for me?

Whether you choose one or other type of shop solution, it must be hosted somewhere. There are many who would like to be your hosting partner and do the work for you, so how do you really choose?

It is only yourself who knows which parameters you weigh the most when choosing where your store should be placed. Typically, price, reliability and good support parameters are highly valued.

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In terms of price, it is about finding the right balance. You certainly don’t want to pay for anything that you can get in half somewhere else. However, the cheapest is rarely the best solution.

Think of your hosted shop as a regular store. If your store is to be nice and solidly arranged on a good stroke address, it is more expensive than if the opposite is the case.

At ScanNet we have therefore developed a large number of solid modules, which add an extra great value to your shop, if you need them. You can freely choose and choose between the modules that you find relevant, and therefore you only pay for the extra features you need.


Unlike many other hosting partners, ScanNet even has data centers in house with a secure external backup location. This means that if we need to fix something on a server, we can do this within minutes.

At ScanNet, we are specialists in IT infrastructure, and we would like to tell you about all the certifications and security procedures we have that help keep our customers online 24/7.

We do know, however, that most of our customers do not get to hear about this. For the vast majority, the most important thing is that their hosted shop always runs without problems and disturbances. And ScanNet’s certifications give you knowledge that we have what it takes.


At ScanNet we offer free support from kl. 7 – 21 (tel: 7 – 19) every weekday of the week and from 7 am to 7 pm 8 – 21 (tel: closed) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We can help you with the technical as well as give good advice on online marketing and conversion in your hosted shop.

Look here if you want to read more about conversion .

Try a free webshop for 3 weeks

If you have had blood on the tooth and you want to try a hosted shop, you can easily create a fully functional demo of our webshop solution below.

If you want to try an open source solution instead, you can also create a demo for our webhosting here for free .

What is a hosting partner? And how do you find the right partner to sleep safely at night? In this article we review what you need to be aware of when choosing your hosting partner.

What is a hosting partner? And how do you find the right partner to sleep safely at night? In this article we review what you need to be aware of when choosing your hosting partner.

Hosting partner – what is it?

A hosting partner helps you run your IT solution if you do not want to manage it or have an IT department yourself.

When your IT operation is placed ‘out of town’ in a data center, you don’t have to worry about anything other than your core business. You can work with what you are good at and you can often save dedicated IT staff away.

For some companies, it’s just about servers that are hosted. At others, it is both servers and software that are rented. In either case, you need a stable hosting provider.

You can read more about the benefits of IT outsourcing here .

How to choose hosting provider

Considering choosing a hosting provider to handle the operation of your servers and systems, you can save both money and valuable time. But how do you find a provider that has control over the operation so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data?

At ScanNet, we believe it is important that you examine the following points before you choose to enter into a collaboration with a hosting partner:

Thorough advice

Although your needs may be similar to those of other companies, we at ScanNet know that all customers are unique. You should look for a partner who can give you proper and thorough advice in choosing the right solution. Your IT needs to service you every single day and not vice versa, and it is therefore important that your needs are matched to the best possible.

Own data center

Does hosting provider have the skills and responsibilities of running a data center? You should make sure that your future partner is not just a sales office, but has the competences to have ‘fingers in the ground’. At ScanNet we run our own state-of-the-art data center and have our own backup storage. Therefore, our skilled and competent technicians can quickly correct anything on a server if needed.

Privacy Policy

Are your data secure? It may seem like a banal issue, but you should make sure that your upcoming hosting partner can guarantee the procedures that relate to the security of your data. If you work with personal data, according to the Danish Act on Personal Data, in some cases you are even obliged to enter into a written agreement with the provider on the handling of your data – a so-called Data Processing Agreement.

At ScanNet we are specialists in security procedures, and we always handle our customers’ data with the utmost care. If you want a written agreement, we would also like to prepare this for you.


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