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At ScanNet you can buy all types of web domains. We provide both domain registration, maintenance and support

Web domain

When you have decided to make a website, weblog or webshop, then one of the first decisions must find out which web domain to buy. And it really doesn’t matter what you choose. Web domains have a meaning in terms of branding and search engine optimization, so be sure to buy the right domain right away.

Choose the best Web domains

One usually chooses one’s web domain based on the company name, and that is also excellent. But in fact, one should already look at which domains are available while considering starting a business. So that one does not suddenly stand with a company name, but does not have the opportunity to buy a corresponding web domain. You should also have search engine optimization and possibly. branding into consideration when looking for domain.

Buy web domain online at A / S ScanNet

A / S ScanNet is among the largest web domain registrars in Denmark, and you can always expect professional and factual advice. You can use our domain tests and see if your desired domain is available. Then you can book online or contact us if you have any further questions.

From ScanNet’s Danish control panel you now have access to install a number of free and recognized CMS solutions, such as. Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce and the blog system WordPress.

In time after a few clicks

Now you can forget about time-consuming and complicated installations of real and virtual databases. Instead, you get access to the country’s easiest installation of some of today’s hot CMS solutions directly from your personal control panel.

The installation is done with a few clicks and can be done quickly if you regret and would rather try another CMS solution.

No technical limitations

Now you can – regardless of the level of your technical skills – even manage the entire installation from A to Z. You do not run the pan against the technical wall and also avoid having to buy outside assistance. We guarantee that you can handle the installation yourself. In this way, we ensure that you come safely from the start with exactly the CMS solution that appeals to you.

You can access the easy installation of the free CMS solutions from the control panels in the ScanNet WebHotel Standard, Pro and Complete. All web hotels run with Safe Mode Off and are therefore fully functional with the open source platforms mentioned.

The country’s most competitive platform

We keep us constantly informed about new open source solutions and ensure that you with a web space from ScanNet always work on the country’s most competitive platform for developing up-to-date websites.


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