Knowing the Types of Web Hosting Before Buying

Knowing the Types of Web Hosting Before Buying –  There are many types of web hosting from the start that have affordable prices to those that have fantastic prices. Of course this price will never lie, expensive web hosting usually has features that are far more complete and make it easier for you to advance your website. No wonder if then there are many people who are willing to pay dearly to buy quality hosting.

Supported by technological advances that are so rapid, there are many websites popping up in cyberspace. Product marketing or information dissemination through the internet is considered more effective in bringing visitors and increasing sales turnover. You need to know, this is one of the reasons why web hosting is one aspect that is very important for you to understand. Moreover, this type of web hosting varies.

Understanding Web Hosting

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Before we continue to discuss the types of web hosting , it seems that it will be very fitting if you understand the meaning of web hosting itself first. This web hosting is a service. In this case the web hosting services move as storage of the data that you upload to the internet. Simply put, web hosting is like a container for the data that you have on your site.

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From starting data script website data, photos, videos and other media, content articles, and various other important things. All of this must be stored in a hard drive or storage, right? In this case, the term for the container is web hosting. But in choosing this one container you have to be extra selective and do analysis first because this type of web hosting is different.

Understanding the Functions of Web Hosting and How to Control it

Each type of web hosting certainly has the functions and benefits of each. So later this web hosting packageselection must be adjusted to the type of blog or site that you have. One that greatly affects the type of web hosting you have to choose is in terms of the storage quota needed, RAM, number of visitors, and many other important aspects.

How it works from each type of web hosting itself is actually simple. Often bloggers or website owners are reluctant to rent hosting because they think that hosting itself actually makes their work more complicated. Though there is one media control in hosting called Cpanel. By using this one application, of course you can access your website more easily.

The types of web hosting that you can choose

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, there are several types of hosting that you should know before you buy hosting. This is because the function of the web hosting itself is different and you can adjust it to the type of website you have. Don’t let you waste efficiency from many aspects just because you don’t understand this well. If you want to get the best hosting you can visit

  1. Shared Hosting

The first type of web hosting that you can choose is shared hosting. This type of one is the most preferred option for web developers and bloggers. The reasons are many, but it is certain that this type of hosting has advantages and disadvantages. You only need to analyze your website first and then decide whether shared hosting is the best option for your website or blog.

Shared Hosting is a type of web that is very suitable to be used for simple blogs and websites. So by using this type of hosting you can share your server with other users who also have a simple blog. So it won’t cost too much to buy this shared hosting quota. it’s just that there are obstacles if you buy this type of hosting package .

One of them is your lack of control over server configuration. So if for example there is another website that has one server with you experiencing a surge in users at one time, then your site inevitably has to budge because the hosting memory is used first by the site. But if all the web is still under construction, we recommend this type of web.

  1. VPS Hosting

The next type of web hosting that we highly recommend is VPS Hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is the best option for those of you who have a high taffick blog or website. By using this web hosting one means that you have rented a space on the server that can later be used as your personal use and will not be disturbed by other users.

VPS Hosting has many advantages, such as giving you a dedicated space server, which means that when other web sites experience a significant increase in traffic at the same time, this will have no effect on the website you have. You will also have access to the root server and this will certainly make you able to manage your web content independently.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Next is cloud hosting. This type of web hosting is one of the best and is widely used by website activists. The reason is that when you use a cloud server, you can get a status of security that has no downtime. What’s more there is a group of servers that you can access so that all the files that you have on the website will be replicated automatically by the server you are using. is one of the well-known providers in Indonesia that has been involved in network services, servers, and website services for many years and is trusted in hosting, domain, website services. Here you can choose a cheap hosting package according to your needs. What are you waiting for, immediately visit!! and get quality hosting here.

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